Consider this, you are moving through the interview process with a potential seller who has passed the resume review, done great in the interviews and has a great personality. You are ready to move forward but have a nagging concern that they dress more casually than you normally see in your office.

It happens. So how do you handle?

First of all, review YOUR expectations on what clients will accept in a seller. What formats or types of programming do you represent? What is the market norm? Who will this person be calling on? Is the person clean and neat or is hygiene an issue? Are your ideas of what is ‘professional’ different coming from days gone by or are they current? I was recently surprised when attending a conference, all attendees were encouraged to wear jeans, a major change from the traditional norm. While suits and ties were once the daily uniform, many businesses have adopted a more casual approach.

We talk often about laying it all out in advance. That can include how you want your sellers to represent themselves to local clients. Address it in the job profile that you require ‘professional appearance and hygiene’. Have a dress code in your company handbook and be specific as to what is acceptable. If crop tops are not acceptable, state it! No jeans? Be clear! Make sure that the potential new hire understands what is acceptable before they start. If personal hygiene becomes an issue, initiate a conversation starting out how valued the employee is and that they may not be aware of their issue and how important it is to help clients buy-in and build a relationship with that person.

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