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Media Staffing Network Launching 0 to 3 Talent Bank

The new service is called “0 to 3 Talent Bank” and focuses on entry-level jobseekers. It serves those with less than three years’ professional experience, such as recent graduates and those who have work experience outside the media industry. MSN is now accepting resumes for entry-level positions in media sales, production, on-air talent, engineering, IT, and … Read More ›

Launch of LSR Online Learning Center Levels Talent Acquisition Playing Field

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Local Sales Recruitment Program Launches

LSR Online … Read More ›

Laurie Kahn Kicked a High-Paying Job, Braved Challenges, and Established Her Successful Venture

Article by Scott Amyx

“If you believe in what you are doing, don’t give up.”

– Laurie Kahn, Founder, Media Staffing Network


Laurie Kahn wasn’t finding anything exciting in her job. A new boss, who wanted his own team, was the last straw to help her make a tough decision. She left a six-figure job as a … Read More ›

Media Staffing Network Celebrates 25 Years!

By Laurie Kahn

Every year the experts at the Pantone Color Institute choose a hue that reflects the mood of the time. The 2018 color is a blue-based purple as it communicates “originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking.”

In 1993, when starting my business, I selected purple as my logo color. It was the original color of royalty … Read More ›