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Top Tips for Networking at Holiday Parties

Everyone loves to celebrate the 4th of July! It is that time of year when you get to spend time with friends and family. Hopefully, around good food! It is also a great time to network with people. Here a few tips that can help you network during these events that can help you land … Read More ›

Top Interview Questions of 2019

Let’s face it, going on an interview can feel overwhelming.  The process of finding the career of your dreams is scary and exciting at the same time.  Remember each company may have different standards when it comes to this process, but some questions stay the same. Here are the top interview questions asked and how … Read More ›

Job Search Tips

It’s that time of year when a new class of graduates starts looking for jobs. At Media Staffing Network we understand how exciting and scary this can be. Whether you are just graduating or changing your career path to media we have come up with some tips that can help you position yourself as … Read More ›

Is Your Resume Helping or Hurting You?

We get it, sending out your resume to employers can be intimidating. You want to make the best first impression to land your dream job. But are you doing everything you can in your resume to ensure that happens?

Resumes go through many hands and applicant tracking systems. While most companies have gone to a … Read More ›

Tips for Starting A New Job

We recently addressed how the employer can help make a new hire feel more comfortable when starting a new job. Now we want to address how as a ‘new hire’ you can make the most out of your first days, weeks and months as a new employee.

We have walked in your shoes. Starting a new … Read More ›