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Soft Skills In The Spotlight

In today’s hiring climate, there will always be someone better educated and with a more impressive work history and experience.  On paper, they look like just the right person for the job.  How do you position yourself to stand out?

Hiring managers today are looking at soft skills as a deciding factor in whether … Read More ›

Just Graduated?

Are you a new grad?  Geared up and ready to face the work world?  Or are you just trying to have one more summer of freedom?  Either way, there are a few things you can do to help progress that first “real world” job search!

First, update your college resume.  Now is the time … Read More ›

How prepared are you to interview a company?

Most turnover occurs because either the company or the applicant didn’t do enough homework before the hire. In the applicant or job seeker case, it is often when the ‘dream job’ has opened up and before doing due diligence, you get excited and jump on it. 

An interview is a two-way street. You need to know … Read More ›

Tips to Help You Make a Career Change in 2022

First and foremost, we want to wish all of you a safe and happy holiday season. As we do each year, we like to use our December message to remind you of how to network or prepare for an upcoming career change. In the past much of our advice has been directed at in-person networking … Read More ›

It’s November! Only one more month and bye-bye to 21!

Traditionally, this is a time of year that creates an interesting challenge for recruiters. Clients often want to start searches and prospective candidates are hard to lock down. They are either waiting for their year-end bonus or too caught up with the holidays, which is understandable since many missed last year’s festivities.

Recruiters … Read More ›