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Are You In Touch with Employee Concerns?

Summer is well underway with back to school just around the corner.  If you are like most companies you may be looking to add staff, especially in sales. With current economic crises such as the high price of gas and inflation,  what can you do as an employer to attract and keep staff?  It is … Read More ›

Summer Hiring

It’s finally summer!  Everyone seems to be taking a break for a little rest and relaxation.  But does your hiring agenda need to suffer just because it’s vacation season?  We don’t think so.  Here are a couple of quick tips to beat the summer hiring slump.

Making the summer fun for your … Read More ›

How to Attract the Younger Generations

A question that arose from our recent Rising Above session was how to entice young people into our business. That has been a burning topic the entire time I have owned this business – since 1993!

Traditionally as an entertainment business, we didn’t need to use much muscle to hire sellers. There was a … Read More ›

What is your reputation as an Employer?

Do people flock to work for you when you have an opportunity? Are current employees working to their full potential while loving what they do? Do you have less than 10% turnover? If you have answered “no” then you may want to do some research on what you can do better. 

Have you checked … Read More ›

Hiring is Still Challenging!

We continue to get questions from clients about why it is so hard to recruit, especially sellers, in today’s market. Let us remind you of why this is happening:

Time of the year – many employees are not interested in making a move until after the holidays
Tight labor market – COVID changed many minds … Read More ›