We see this happen all the time. A talented person has found themselves in the job market due to downsizing. They go to a resume writer or use a format they have found that allows them to get all of their information on one page. Sadly, though that information is put into little boxes spaced around the page. There are side margins with accomplishments. At first glance, the reader is overwhelmed at what all to read, where to start.

When creating a resume, think about who is reading it. Most resumes get 5-7 seconds of attention so you need to grab their attention right off the bat. Show how you are a fit for the particular position for which they are hiring.

Having one set resume is like a seller having one pitch to fit all clients. It isn’t realistic. A resume needs to be ‘massaged’ for every submission. Keywords need to match what is in the job profile. The skills and experience need to match what is needed to do this job so don’t waste space on facts that aren’t relevant. Use the in-person meeting to cover other aspects of your background or expertise. To get the interview, which is the goal of your resume, stick to what will stand out to the reader.

There are hundreds of programs to build and read resumes so it is important that yours is in a style and format that highlights the right expertise in a format that can easily be read. Keep it organized, stay away from funky fonts, extra lines, special graphics that may kick you out of systems or change how it looks upon receipt. Even better save it in a PDF. If you need ideas to help build a resume that can help get you the interview, check out our samples on our website.

It all comes down to the old KISS rule, please keep it simple.