February is upon us. Life has settled down after the start of the new year. Whether you are looking for a job or not, you may be identified by a recruiter as someone of interest. With unemployment remaining low, companies are changing how they recruit. Not only are they posting jobs on various job boards, including their own, they often reach out to ‘prospective candidates’ who appear to have the skills they need in hiring for their current and future openings. 

One never knows when changes may occur in their workplace.  Companies close or are sold or have management, policy or product changes.  It is always good to have some connections outside of your company in case a career change is desired. A recruiter should be able to share some details of what they are looking for in prospective candidates, at least the type of company, the level of the position, the region the job is located, growth potential, etc. If that particular opportunity is not of interest to you, think about friends and peers who may be looking. Many recruiters will pay a referral fee for names who actually get hired!

Many recruiters specialize in a specific niche or specialty. Be cautious with whom you share your confidential information.  If you get a call, our recommendation is to research the person and company, so you are educated. Check them out on LinkedIn and by all means, connect with them if their focus is the same as yours. Recruiters can be a great source to help educate you on what the going trends are in your industry. 

Keep in mind, that a ‘reputable’ recruiter is one that only represents companies who are serious about hiring. At MSN, we are a ‘retained’ firm which means that we don’t work on a job opportunity unless we have been paid, so we know that the company is serious and not just kicking tires. We don’t want to waste your time or ours. Next month, we will share some ideal questions for you to use when contacted about a new opportunity!