Have you noticed the top ad spending category right now? Recruitment! Indeed is a top user of broadcast. As we connect with our many contacts throughout the country, they share that the majority of their on-air ads are for companies trying to hire. Some seasonal companies are struggling to open as they may not have the needed workforce to serve their clientele.

We know that many of you are also struggling to hire and it is very competitive to land those who have the desire, passion, skills, and knowledge to succeed. Much of your success in hiring will come from having the right tools, knowing how to present your opportunity and how to follow up with those you are interested in hiring. It is an ‘employees’ market right now and part of your hiring manager’s challenge is to get prospects interested in your opportunities.

At MSN, we have 28+ years of experience in helping companies land the quality employees they need. We have a strong track record of finding non-job seekers for open positions. Did you know that we also train hiring managers and marketing professionals how to best present their company and their jobs and why their company should be a strong consideration to a prospective employee? We don’t just do a search for our clients, we also have online and in-person training to help you attract and hire the best candidates.

We recognize how crucial it is to have a good story, a strong website, and social media presence. We value the importance of a fully detailed and transparent job description and what it takes to create a posting that gets traction. We help companies create attractive and effective compensation packages.

All of the above are essential to your success in hiring. If you have questions or need guidance, we are here. Just ask.

For those of you enjoying the new dollars that recruitment is bringing you, good for you. For those of you struggling to hire, let’s talk.