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As we wind up this crazy year, I want to offer a few words of advice. We saw 2020 start with an extremely tight job market where job seekers were in the ‘driver’s seat’ and now ending in one of the highest unemployment environments in decades.

Last month we shared tips on how to land your dream job. This month I want to remind those of you in a job search just what you can do to stay on top of someone’s radar so you are positioned stronger when the economy improves.

  • Update your Linked-In profile so it is accurate. If you are in the job market, be open about it, and consider adding a banner promoting that you are open on your profile.
  • Review your work skills so they reflect what experience and expertise you have.
  • Share your successes, this is the place to brag about what you have accomplished.
  • Increase your visibility by connecting with more people who can help in your career.
  • Return messages in a timely manner, stay on top of them, and add notifications so you are aware when someone reaches out.
    By all means, if you are able to gain an interview, follow up immediately as you want to stand out for the right reasons.
  • Send a personal email or message to those you are trying to build a relationship with, perhaps share a meaningful story or article and show you care!

Most importantly be thankful for what you have, be safe, smile, and enjoy Thanksgiving!