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Local Sales Recruitment Program Launches

LSR Online Learning Center

LSR Online Learning Center Provides an Affordable, Easy Way to Attract, Hire and Retain Top Talent 


Phoenix, AZ, March 27, 2018:  Local Sales Recruitment (LSR), a training program that engages and coaches management teams with proven solutions for locating, attracting, hiring and retaining employees, is now available via the LSR Online Learning Center. Addressing the challenges of talent acquisition, and built as an extension to LSR, the LSR Online Learning Center provides tips, templates and full access to the same robust training received with the Local Sales Recruitment program.


LSR is a year-long, hands-on sourcing and coaching vehicle, with a team of marketing and recruitment experts, customized to help companies create a stronger culture to improve talent acquisition and retention. The newly launched LSR Online Learning Center delivers the same proven methods in an on-demand, interactive experience that encourages users to learn hiring fundamentals on a personalized timeline. The LSR Online Learning Center provides tools to build a corporate culture of intelligent hiring that increases employee engagement, retention and ultimately the corporate bottom line.


An Integral component of both the LSR and the LSR Online Learning Center is building a talent acquisition strategy that includes developing stronger job descriptions, effectively positioning open jobs through traditional and social media, tips for working with both job seekers and passive candidates, successful referral programs, compensation plans and more. Additionally, the program provides direction on creating a pipeline of talent for current and future hiring needs by researching the market to identify strong local sellers – from inside and outside the industry – and creating a culture that keeps them engaged until the right position becomes available.


Media Staffing Network, Inc.™ developed the LSR Program and introduced the LSR Online Learning Center in an effort to provide a lower cost, on-demand, online option. Both the LSR Program and its Online Learning Center are designed to benefit multiple departments within an array of industries.


“We were inspired to create our Local Sales Recruitment program after continually hearing how challenging it is for employers to find and retain quality sellers,” said CEO Laurie Kahn. “Most management teams don’t have time or systems in place to focus on effective hiring. LSR and portal access to the products via the LSR Online Training Center gives them the ammunition they need to compete in today’s war for talent.  While our expertise is working with media companies, the LSR and Online Learning Center are great sources for any business struggling to hire quality talent.”


“LSR completely changed the way I looked at recruitment,” said NRG Media Market Manager Shane Sparks. “Those changes not only led us to finding  more potential recruits, but more importantly better qualified recruits.”


For more information about the LSR Online Learning Center, please contact Media Staffing Network CEO Laurie Kahn at or (480) 306-8930 and visit

About Media Staffing Network, Inc.™

Founded in 1993, and celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year, Media Staffing Network, Inc.™, (MSN) is a certified Women Business Enterprise that caters exclusively to management, sales, engineering, finance and human resources for full-time placement, consulting and career coaching. MSN services the Broadcast, Cable, Internet, Digital, New Media, Out of Home and Print industries. The Company’s distinctive sourcing vehicle the Local Sales Recruitment program (LSR), utilizes a team of marketing and recruitment experts to engage and coach management teams with proven solutions for locating, attracting, hiring and retaining employees. LSR identifies both job seekers and passive candidates in local communities, from inside and out of media, and includes compensation and culture planning. It is additionally available as an online portal via the LSR Online Learning Center. For more information, please visit