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Do You Spend Enough Time Scouting Talent?

With January almost done, you had better have a solid talent acquisition plan in place. I find it interesting that when I attend conferences or host webinars, the number one issue radio operators share is finding good, talented salespeople. This is a serious issue that won’t go away; as more Boomers start to retire, more … Read More ›

What a too busy resume does to your chances of landing an interview – not much!

We see this happen all the time. A talented person has found themselves in the job market due to downsizing. They go to a resume writer or use a format they have found that allows them to get all of their information on one page. Sadly, though that information is put into little boxes spaced … Read More ›

Tips for Job Seekers, Employers, and Employees


As we do every year, here is some advice for all of our friends and associates. Tips for the job seeker, for the passive candidates and for those who are involved in the hiring process to help your career off to a good start for 2019.

Job Seekers –
Do your homework before you send a … Read More ›