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Remember Sales 101?

When all of us started in sales, one of the first things we learned was to pick up the phone to schedule appointments. Even better, we were encouraged to get out of the office and meet the potential client in person, right? As we moved into management, we asked our sales team to go on … Read More ›

As a Job Seeker, What Can You Expect from a Recruiter?

We often get calls from those wanting a new job asking if we can find one for them. We can sure help, but most of the work needs to come from them. As a recruiter, our fees are paid by employers who have specific job needs that need to be filled. It is very … Read More ›

Overcoming The Challenge of Hiring Strong Managers


Laurie Kahn

Many mid-size and local broadcasters face a much more difficult job when it comes to replacing or adding a new manager to their team. The perfect scenario is to grow organically and promote from within, however that is not always an option. 

It used to be a given that to grow your career you … Read More ›