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What’s The Biggest Thing Missing In Talent Acquisition?

(By Laurie Kahn) We hear that finding solid sellers is a major challenge for almost all companies, especially in radio. We hear they can’t find people, that the right people don’t apply for the open positions that they are advertising, we hear that those who are the quality they need end up accepting jobs elsewhere. Why … Read More ›

Launch of LSR Online Learning Center Levels Talent Acquisition Playing Field

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Local Sales Recruitment Program Launches

LSR Online … Read More ›

“Sales” Is A Bad Word To Use In Talent Acquisition!

(By Laurie Kahn) It’s what we do every day, regardless of whether you are in sales or not. You are constantly negotiating, upselling products or services. You sell yourself in every interview and in presentations, reports, and research. When you meet someone special, you sell yourself as the ideal companion. So, why do I … Read More ›

Are You Under Contract?

Today, many companies in media have employment contracts in addition to non-competes or restrictive covenants. It is important to know your rights when signing or having them presented to you. Legally it is very difficult to stop someone from working and states vary in how they view and enforce them. You may never need to … Read More ›