• What positions do you fill?
    Across all platforms, management, sales, social media, marketing, digital promotion, finance, human resources, engineering and Board seats.
  • What markets do you serve?
    Nationwide, all market sizes.
  • Why should we consider working with you when we have done it on our own in the past?
    Talent Acquisition has changed. It is hard, it is time consuming and requires specialized skills that many in-house hiring managers lack. We have expertise, a large network of contacts, and most importantly consistantly deliver prospects to our clients who tell us "they would never have found on their own."
  • Can you help me with my job search?
    Yes. Options include coaching packages, resume creation, guidance to land your dream job.
  • Why should you work with a retained recruiter?
    A retained recruiter becomes your partner. We don't stop until the job is filled. We become an extension of your HR recruiting efforts. From start to finish we are with you every step of the way.